Three Planes

The world is broken into three seperate planes, called the Three Planes. The highest is the Haithan Plane, home of the gods and immortal races; the “middle” plane is the Kaunon Plane, and the lowest, and most despised plane is the Shizaiian Plane.

In the beginning, the elder gods ruled all time and space, but decided to break apart reality into two seperate pieces: the Haithan Plane for them, and the Kaunon Plane for their subjects. They banded together and created a great barrier between the two planes. The gods started creating life on the Kaunon Plane, and watched it prosper.

At first, it was acceptable for the gods to heavily influence life on the Kaunon Plane, even for simple amusement. The gods chose favorites, and showered them with divine gifts and knowledge.

Soon, the gods started using their mortal pawns against each other; they instructed their chosen to kill the other god’s favorites. This sparked a war on the Haithan Plane, and the gods became divided. They waged war for centuries, until one side was a clear victor. They labeled the gods that had lost as traitors, and decided they needed to be banished from the Haithan Plane, but couldn’t be trusted to be on the Kaunon Plane; so the gods created the third and final plane, the Shizaiian Plane.

The gods that were banished to the Shizaiian Plane decided to take vengence on their fellow gods, so they started creating demons and devils out of souls that they could steal or trick, and let them loose on the Kaunon Plane.

Originally, it was up to the gods to guide souls to the Vault of Eternity, but with all the problems the division was causing, the gods were unable to keep up. The gods of the Haithan Plane needed a way to defend all life on the Kaunon Plane from the evil gods and their demons, and a way to have enough manpower to continue to guide souls to their final resting place. They created a race of immortals to fight for humanity, and set them loose on the Kaunon Plane. At first, this plan worked perfectly, but soon some of the immortals used their god-given advantages to seize power.

Some of the immortal warriors figured out a way to travel to the Haithan Plane, and they did so without discretion. Divine secrets were being stolen from the gods by these immortals, so the gods manipulated the barrier between their realm and the mortal plane; they made it so it was only possible to travel from the Haithan Plane once. Many immortals were trapped on the Haithan Plane, and continue to be trapped to this day.

Now, travel between the planes is rare, for the knowledge of how to do so has been lost over the many years. It is rumored that the Content Not Found: lich is from the Shizaiian Plane, but that is impossible to prove.

Three Planes

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