Kaunon Plane

One of the Three Planes; it is the plane that life exists on.

Caught between the gods of the Haithan Plane and the Shizaiian Plane, the Kaunon Plane is where humanity lives. Originally, there was only the Haithan Plane and the Kaunon Plane: gods and mankind. After the war between the gods, the third plane, the Shizaiian Plane, was created, and all mortal creatures suffered.

Demons of all shapes and sizes began appearing on the world. The populations of the Kaunon Plane were headed for extinction, until the appearance of the immortal races. The gods of the Haithan Plane created immortal warriors that could fight the evil that was leaking from the Shizaiian Plane.

Humanity stayed relatively normal, until the very immortals that had saved them turned into power-hungry tyrants. Eventually the gods limited their power, and took away their unhindered travel between the planes.

Now, the Kaunon Plane is a fairly lonely place, where the people feel abandoned by their gods, and immortal saviors are myths. Because of the limit on how many times beings can cross the barrier between the planes, many immortals can’t get to the Kaunon Plane to help its inhabitants.

Kaunon Plane

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