• Arostrato


    A sex driven elf that cares for no one but herself and her deity.
  • Baal


    A displaced Flursakian who "goes with the flow" just to see how things turn out.
  • Cain Blackblood

    Cain Blackblood

    A zealot of Bane, and a scourge upon the world... unless you pay him.
  • Kazis Crawmax

    Kazis Crawmax

    A dancing fox, with smooth moves and a quick tongue.
  • Reaper


    Once an immortal angel, banished for doing what was right... now a spectre, causing mayhem when and where he pleases.
  • Sneaky Smurf

    Sneaky Smurf

    As his name describes, he is a Smurf that is sneaky.
  • Thoradin Moorhammer

    Thoradin Moorhammer

    A hulking, living construct, created in the days of legend, trying to find what is rightfully his.
  • Valoric


    A skittish cleric, on a path of uncertainty, looking for the unknown.