A sex driven elf that cares for no one but herself and her deity.


Elf Cleric
Age: 368
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 106


For the first hundred years or so, Arostrato led a hard and dangerous life. She eventually went into healing to help people after she escaped the clutches of her slave-driving family. She thought she could change herself from a monster, bred from hatred, to a decent person.

After many years of training in the clerical arts, Arostrato struck out on her ow; hell-bent on saving every soul she encountered to make up for her souless upbringing. Eventually she met a man named Echo; a ruthless and cunning crime lord. Echo was targeted by a mutiny, and left to die in the ditch with a blade through his torso when Arostrato happened upon his broken body. She took pity on the thug and saved his life.

Arostrato nurtured Echo back to health, and along the way, she fell in love with him, regardless of his broken past. Arostrato thought her life finally made sense; a companion to share her life with that understood what it meant to change.

After a year, Arostrato became pregnant. She was excited to be a mother with Echo. Little did she know, however, that Echo had other plans, even though he supported her through the pregnancy; so much so that he even agreed to act as Arostrato’s “midwife.” She gave birth to a beautiful half elf girl named Soleyala.

Young Soleyala entered the world, and was caught by her father. He cut the umbilical chord and took her into his arms, looked at Arostrato, then turned to walk out the door. Arostrato asked Echo where he was going; she wanted to hold her newborn infant. He told her that he had agreed to give up their baby to a local witch for the power to wreck havoc on his former mutinous band of thieves.

Arostrato screamed with outstretched arms toward her baby and the vile man stealing her away. Echo smirked, and with a voice full of mirth, said she’d been a fun lover, but this was the end. He started toward the door again, intent on leaving Arostrato alone with her pain.

Arostrato panicked. Her lover, daughter, and whole life were about to walk out the door forever. She reached and squirmed, but she was too weak to do anything. She watched the door shut; the last thing she saw of Echo was that merciless smirk on his face.

She couldn’t take the pain of the gut wrenching idea that she’d been fooled. Echo had seemed so nice, but now she saw his true side; his cunniving evil side. She hadn’t fixed him, she thought. She had done everything she could think of to help him… to make him whole. But she’d failed.

A long supressed anger stirred inside her as she felt her baby’s presence growing further. She lashed out her hands feebly toward the door, and a bolt of raw, unholy energy shot forth. The door splintered off the hinges, revealing the bane of her existence holding their daughter. Soleyala‘s eyes were wild with fear, but Arostrato did not see her daughter; only the wretched man holding her. Arostrato couldn’t think of anything; couldn’t say anything; couldn’t do anything. All that existed to her was Echo. She threw her hands toward him, and with a loud concussion, sent a spiraling lance from her outstretched fingers.

Echo’s body erupted into pieces as the raw, spiritual energy ripped through him. His entrails smeared across the wall, while some of his pieces landed as far as 20 paces from where he once stood. Arostrato had never felt such satisfaction. Her whole life, she had never struck back at those who harmed her. Today, however, she had freed herself. She knew her life would forever be different.

As she contemplated the future, and what this moment meant to her, she realized what she had actually done. She saw on the floor, next to the lower half of Echo’s still twitching body, Soleyala. She was bloodied and lying on her back in a pool of blood. Arostrato saw that Soleyala was still alive, but she was choking on the blood of her deceased father; her screams and cries turning into muffled gurgles.

Arostrato frantically rolled out of her bed and onto the floor. Her body hurt; her mind hurt, but all she could think about was getting to her baby. Soleyala‘s violent shaking and gurgled gasping were becoming weaker. Arostrato knew she had to reach her baby fast, or it was all over. She crawled, weak and helpless, to her baby; if only she could touch Soleyala, she could use her gift to heal her, and take her away to a better place. Arostrato envisioned where they would go, as she inched closer to her dying baby’s aid. She finally reached a point that she could touch her baby’s foot; that’s all she needed. She released her healing power into her baby, as she had done many times before for other people; but the healing power was not there. As she reached inward for the power to save her baby, she found nothing. It was as if she was grasping air in an empty void.

She frantically tried again and again. Nothing happened. She screamed, and lurched forward with all the remaining physical strengtch she had. She grabbed Soleyala and tried to pull her to her chest. She was too weak. As Soleyala lay there, choking, Arostrato could do nothing. She had no power. She wanted so dearly to hold her daughter during her last dying breath, but she couldn’t. Soleyala died on the floor, soaked in blood, within arm’s reach of her mother.

Over a hundred years passed after the incident with Echo and Soleyala. Arostrato did her best to keep living, but life had lost it’s charm. She knew there was no such thing as an honest man. There was no good in the world, so why be good? She filled the void inside herself with permiscuous encounters, with both males and females.

One day, while she was stealing from a man she had just spent the night with, she heard a voice. It was quiet, yet powerful. She was sure the man had awakened and was about to kill her for stealing, but he was in his bed, fast asleep. She was scared, but she figured it had been too long for her end to come anyway. As she sat in the darkness, awaiting some cruel fate, she heard the voice again. The voice was comforting, in a very strange, almost familiar way. The voice told her that she had more to live for than petty thieving. She didn’t know what the voice meant, so she asked the voice, “Who are you?”

She only received one word in response: Tiemat.

Arostrato knew of Tiemat. He was one of the gods bannished to the Shizaiian Plane. Arostrato felt a strange feeling inside her, and then, her power came back. She didn’t know how, but she felt it’s ever-calming effects in her very core. She lavished in the feeling of being complete again.

Arostrato never found out why her powers had abandoned her in her time of need. She did know, however, that everyone who had wronged her had better watch their backs. She was a new monster that they had never dealth with before. No more crying. No more weakness. Arostrato was going to show them and the world that she would never be pushed around again.


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